donderdag 9 augustus 2012

Summer Vibe

Well, it's summer. That means finally time for doing some things. And this ... is what I did :) 

I made some delicious desserts. mmmm... , the one on the first picture is really yummy! It's a combination of three fruit mouses. The perfect dessert if you ask me :)  I finally had some time to redecorate my room. It hasn't been finished yet, but I have already made this garland. Furthermore, many friends have been or still are at a camp of the youth movement and what is the best thing to get on that camp? Letters, indeed! Witch means I spent some time on writing letters to my friend. Of course I made some pictures and tried out new things (like drawing eyes on my hands. Not easy with left). Now I still have a month to do all those things I can't do during the school year. The problem: there is so much I want to do ... 

Enjoy the rest of your vacation! 
x Charlotte 

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