zaterdag 4 augustus 2012

Berlin - Shops

Last but not least: shopping in Berlin! Berlin is an amazing city to shop. Of course you have the large shops like UO, American Apparel,... But what seems to be typical for Berlin are little (vintage) shops, combined with a cozy place to drink coffee and eat a brownie, pancake,...  On the photos you can see two of those lovely shops. I bought a bodysuit in Sing Blackbird. More pictures of what I bought in Berlin will follow soon.

So, this was my trip to Berlin. I hope you are interested to visit this beautiful city once.

x Charlotte

5 opmerkingen:

  1. Oh ja, ik wil zeker eens naar Berlijn! :)

  2. aw, zo'n mooie foto's :D en jullie muzieksmaak is ook wel heel erg goed vergeleken met die stomme mainstreamproducten van vandaag de dag haha :D
    maak nog veel mooie foto's en ik zal jullie blog nog lang blijven lezen!



  3. I was in Berlin last summer, and it was amazing! I am soon going there again, so thanks for showing me some stores i did not know :-)
    Your blog is really great

  4. amazing blog xxx best i've seen for sooo long x well done gyals xx