dinsdag 24 juli 2012

Stars and stripes

I'm back from my trip to the usa and canada! I've been to New York, Montréal (where I visited some friends), Boston, Long Island and all the way back to New York to take a plane home, unfortunately. I'm always so sad to leave an amazing, lively, inspirational city like ny. These fujifilm 210 pictures will give you a quick overview of my travel (with my lovely sister Hannah)
Tomorrow I'm going to turn in my disposable camera so you'll get to see much more pictures of Rock Werchter and my trip to the usa soon. I'll also post some outfits soon. Good night, have some nice dreams everyone. 

This is an amazing live song by Florence and the Machine. I'm totally obsessed with them since I saw Florence and Isabella live at Werchter three weeks ago.


4 opmerkingen:

  1. Great pics! Love the dreamy style :D Looks and sounds like an amazing trip!



  2. thanks so much, these pictures are amazing!

  3. Seems like the best trip in the world!
    Amazing photos!