donderdag 26 juli 2012

Berlin - The City

Hello there, 

This year I went on a vacation trip to Berlin with the family. We went for 10 days, which means we have seen a lot! I totally fell in love with the city. It has such lovely, alternative and inspiring neighborhoods. And that's exactly what I love. I did't only fell in love with the city, but also with the people. So many well dressed girl AND boys!!! (really a lot of nice-looking boys with an amazing style!) 
Well as you can see, it stole my heart! 

Here is a first post about my trip. It are some nice shots I took from the city. I hope I can give you an image of this great city.

Outfit of the day: Pink bodysuit: Vintage, Sing Blackbird (more about this amazing shop later) - Shorts: DIY - Shoes: Converse

Picture on the left: Potsdamer platz

The last picture is taken on the top of the Berlin Cathedral while there was a huge thunder. And it was raining like hell. But I couldn't resist to take a photograph of the beautiful view over Berlin. Quite an adventure :)
You can see the old television mast. Now you can go inside of it all the way up. We did that, of course, like real tourists. From inside the boll you have a 360 degree-view over the city, really lovely! 
On the left picture you see the Holocaust Memorial for all the Jews that have been murdered in the second world war. It consists 2711 concrete blocks, beautiful and impressive.

More about my trip to Berlin will follow soon,

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