maandag 23 juli 2012

Capture the sun

Top: Primark, Short:second hand

It is a long time since we have posted something. Sorry about that! 
We had exams and afterwards it was so busy. Oh but now, Geraldine and I are going  to our last year of secondary school. It will be an amazing year! 

So now it is vacation. We're almost in the half of it. We didn't post a lot because both Geraldine and I were traveling. (More pictures will follow)
Now we are back in the country,  which means: time for blogging.

I've been to the sea in the Netherlands for two days. The weather was lovely and my sister and I  spend our days at the beach: sunbathing, swimming, ... And of course taking some pictures as you can see :) 
It was a short but very pleasant weekend.


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