woensdag 7 november 2012


This week is going to be so perfect! Tonight we are going to Purity Ring's concert. The support act is Doldrums. We look forward to dance on the dreamy music, to 'escape' and just to see these bands live. 

And Thursday ...  Ellie Goulding is going to play in Geraldine's living room!!! A radio station organized a competition to win this concert and guess what, Geraldine and her sister won it! How crazy/ amazing/ incredibly/ insane is that! We still can't believe it. She will give a private concert for only 20 people in Geraldine's living room! 

More pictures from these concerts will certainly follow! 

4 opmerkingen:

  1. Haha, dat heb ik gehoord! Otto-jan maar zeggen 'Geraldine, Geraldine..', maar hij bedoelde eigenlijk het andere meisje (toch?). Proficiat in ieder geval! Tof zeg :)

  2. aaaaah, dat is zo super! Ik ben echt al heel lang fan van d'r, jaloers :D