zondag 9 september 2012


The exhibition:
On my last day of vacation I have been to the exhibition TRACK in Ghent. The exhibition is spread throughout the whole city on different locations. Both inside as outside. And I can tell you that it was worth it! Here are some picture to show you something of the amazing exhibition. 
 Tobias Putrih 

Lawrence Weiner 

Peter Buggenhout 
John Bock 
John Bock 
Mark Manders 

The City : 
One of the locations was the bell tower of the train station. Around the clock was built a hotel room, designed by the Japanese Tazu Rous. From the room you had an beautiful view of the city. 

Next week I'm going (just as Geraldine) to dOCUMENTA in Kassel. More about that will follow next week.
x Charlotte 

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