zaterdag 2 juni 2012


I thought it was maybe time for an inspiration post. My sister sent me some sites and blogs she found and I fell totally in love with them. Here you can see some inspirational pictures: Dreamy Double Exposure Photography

(photo 1: Jeff Glagowski ; photo 2: Carol Lin; photo 3: Raquel Missmornings; photo 4: Ren Rox ; photo 5: Katie Gregory)
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The World Inside Us: 

By Dan Mountford

Alison Scarpulla:

By Alison Scarpulla. She's an amazing American photographer that makes images that are faint combinations of reality and mystery, almost like a dream. Her use of desaturated colors and grainy, expired film add to the mystery of this magical world. 

Surrealism Photography:
By Gerald Reisinger, an Australian photographer. He creates pictures with a such a distinct colour palette and also very surrealistic. 
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