dinsdag 1 mei 2012


shoes - Urban Outfitters / velvet skirt - American Apparel / shirt - DIY
                             dress - Urban Outfitters/ shoes - Isabelle Bejart/ jeans vest - second hand    

Hi there, 
this weekend we went to a party in the neighborhood. After a long night of dancing, laughing and having fun we returned home. The next day we grabbed the camera and went to the park. We took some pictures for a long-awaited outfit post and here it is. We also played some badminton as we play the final next week at school :) It was a lovely weekend! We hoped you all enjoyed your (long) weekend 

xxx Geraldine and Charlotte

3 opmerkingen:

  1. You two are so sweet! You have such fantastic hair.


  2. Jullie zien er allebei zo ongelooflijk schattig uit! En schattig in de goed zin he :).
    Twee outfits die ik ook direct zou dragen :).

  3. Ooh leuke outfits en fotootjes :) En mmmm Grimes!!