zaterdag 14 april 2012

We took a straight course up the great snow ridge

My friend Roxane who is a very good skier! 
Even in Switzerland they know dutch poffertjes. It's something like pancakes and very delicious! The  boy in his green coat was helping the man. So cute how he was making and serving the poffertjes. 
Last week I went skiing with my friend, Roxane, and her family in Switzerland - Grindelwald. It was a lovely holiday. We enjoyed the sun, the snow, the mountains, the village, ... .
This was how our days passed:
We woke up around 8 o' clock, had breakfast and went to the little train that would bring us to the top of the mountain. In the morning we skied a lot and in the afternoon we enjoyed ourselves with Apfelschorle (so yummy! You should definitely try this when you're in Switzerland) and something to eat.
When we came back from an exhausting day, we took a shower and stayed on the balcony until the sun went down. In the evening we went to a bar, named 'Advocado', a place where a lot of youngsters came together which created a very nice atmosphere. We even made new friends there :) When we came home, it was time to go to bed. And then, a new day began ...

As you see I really had an amazing vacation trip! Hope you all enjoyed your Easter holidays
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  1. thanks for your comment! i've been at the
    maldives:) i really like your blog, it's amazing!

  2. I love the pictures!!

    Pretty pictures!!

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