zaterdag 3 maart 2012

Paris, Ma Belle ...

Open air bookshops in the streets of Paris   
This picture is taken by my sister. I guess I was too busy looking at all the lovely, little vintage shops. So I didn't make photos of this amazing place. It's a very lovely flee market on the outskirts of Paris were you can find great stuff.
On the right picture we were at the highest point of Paris. You really have a beautiful view over there! 

Two weeks ago I went to Paris with my family for a weekend. It wasn't our first time in Paris, so we visited the less touristic neighborhoods this time. Like the national library with an impressive bridge (see picture four), Le Quartier Italien, the large flee market " Puces de Saint-Quen" (see picture thirteen) (were I finally found Dr. Martens and a beautiful vintage dress), etc. 
But what is a trip to Paris without seeing The Eiffel Tower, Mont Martre and The Louvre? Therefore we visited  them again in the evening. With all the lights it's so beautiful there.
It was a cold weekend and all the ponds were frozen. So we could skate or more slide on the pond in front of the Eifeltower. that was something special and different, but very nice!
My weekend in Paris was really amazing and Paris has captured my heart again! 

Well this was my trip. Hope you enjoy the pictures. 
Now I'm going to drink some hot milk and eat a delicious cupcake made by my dear mum :) 

Greetings Charlotte 

(Pictures all taken by myself) 

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  1. Mooie foto's zeg! Je hebt de wat rauwere kant van de stad laten zien! Heel gaaf! :)

  2. thanks , i love your blog !